Top 10 Knowledge Management Solution Companies - 2020

Today, the difference between a successful business and one on the verge of bankruptcy is the way leaders within the organization manage and leverage information and knowledge. With the necessary data on the marketplace and customer behavior, firms across all industry sectors can assess the potential sales of their offerings and other key factors. As a result, establishing avenues that assist a company’s workforce in gaining access to relevant information and extract vital insights has become a top-priority in the overall business landscape.

To help organizations ensure that their internal and client knowledge is secure and can be seamlessly accessed by their employees, knowledge management solution providers are offering intuitive products that leverage emerging technologies. For instance, AI-powered solutions simplify the discovery of actionable knowledge while cloud and blockchain-based offerings protect a company’s institutional data from cybercriminals while allowing its workforce to gain access to databases regardless of their location. However,

despite this, some firms struggle to reap the complete benefits of their knowledge management deployments. And as an antidote to this issue, the market is also witnessing a surge in knowledge management consulting companies that offer services for the efficient implementation and integration of knowledge management solutions with a company’s existing technology infrastructure.

In order to help CIOs steer through the ever-evolving knowledge management industry and find the solution that best suits their needs, a distinguished selection panel of industry analysts, and CIOReview’s editorial board has examined and selected the leading-edge knowledge management solution and services providers. We have assessed hundreds of knowledge management technology solution providers and shortlisted the organizations that are leading the charge in resolving the prime challenges in the knowledge management space.

We present to you CIOReview’s “10 Most Promising Knowledge Management Solution Providers – 2020”.

    Top Knowledge Management Companies

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    Access Innovations is one of the industry leaders in making information assets easily and automatically discoverable for businesses through its extensive line of information management and database products and services. With its fast, reliable, human-supervised AI platform, Access Innovations allows organizations to fully leverage their content. The company enables users to build and maintain all types of controlled vocabularies, create and capture metadata, as well as manage rule-based automated indexing. Access Innovations primarily offers a combination of managed services, wherein it enhances and supports its AI solution, which can be installed or hosted in the cloud, with human intelligence

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    Bloomfire provides personalized knowledge access platform that allows employees to access key information quickly and improve their performance

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    With the acquisition of SABIO, Serviceware Knowledge complements the product family with one of the world's most powerful knowledge management solutions with a focus on service

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    Self-service knowledge base that helps companies educate customers

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    Unymira is the one stop shop for digital customer service solutions. Our comprehensive knowledge management platform is unique on the market, offering decision trees, artificial intelligence, self-service, chatbots, social media integration and more. "Unymira offers products and services that are designed to cater to many different industries including, call centers and contact centers, telecom companies, insurance companies, and transportation companies with a large amount of institutional knowledge

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    BroadVision is a global provider of social business solutions, focused first and foremost on real people and how they work. The company is a group of communication and technology experts with a passion for revolutionizing business through collaboration. With a continuous focus on our customers, BroadVision understands that if you provide reliable, personalized services designed with your customers’ needs in mind, strong business results will follow

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    COGNIZER INC is a software company specializing in deep-learning powered Natural Language Intelligence. We are located in the San Francisco Bay Area with a development center in Bangalore, India. "Provides Cognizer, the first deep-learning AI-powered “Corporat Brain” that helps businesses to stay ahead of the competition by knowing more, reacting faster, and being more agile"

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    Guru is a collaborative knowledge management solution where answers find you--everywhere, every time. By empowering these teams in-context with the knowledge they need to respond to customer questions, they can stop spending time hunting down information and instead focus on what matters most — their customers. "Guru creates an active revenue empowerment network inside an organization, where knowledge flies from one employee to another in real time and generates measurable value"

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    ProcedureFlow ensures your team gets accurate information at the exact moment they need it enabling proficiency faster whether they’re a tenured employee, or a brand new hire. With ProcedureFlow there’s no more searching, no more memorizing, and no more inaccurate information. You can just simply follow the flow. We pride ourselves in helping you better serve your customers, improve your bottom line, and drive results that matter most to your business

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    Working KnowledgeCSP

    Working KnowledgeCSP

    Working KnowledgeCSP is a leader in knowledge management consulting helping organizations of all sizes and scope to understand and then to create the capability to mitigate the risks and challenges of workforce turnover and knowledge loss. "Delivers sustainable and purpose-fit knowledge management solutions that help clients create value from their knowledge to continuously improve their business and operational performance throughout all levels of the organization"