Top 10 Knowledge Management Tech Companies - 2018

Top 10 Knowledge Management Tech Companies - 2018

With the incorporation of technologies in organizations across all markets increasing every day, the amount of information and data streaming through a business has experienced a meteoric rise. This evolution of businesses into information centers has paved the way for knowledge management (KM) to become a crucial part in the enhancement of operations.

KM solutions assist companies in leveraging valuable data to create, implement, and share innovative ideas among teams to eliminate silos and drive members from different teams to work together towards a goal, resulting in the development of a better work environment.

With KM not being a technology-based concept, KM solutions can range from simple off-the-shelf e-mail packages to advanced collaboration tools designed to promote community building and identity. Technologies like social media and mobile technology are enabling organizations by providing them with the ability to store and collect data, locate knowledge sources, and finally retrieve and use the amassed information to effectively optimize business processes.

In order to help CIOs steer through the fragmented knowledge management industry and find the solution that best suits their needs, a distinguished selection panel of CEOs, CIOs, CTOs, industry analysts, and CIOReview’s editorial board has examined and selected the leading-edge knowledge management solution providers.

We have assessed hundreds of Knowledge Management technology solution providers and shortlisted the organizations that are spearheading the charge in resolving the prime challenges in the Knowledge Management space.

We present to you CIOReview’s “10 Most Promising Knowledge Management Solution Providers - 2018”

Company Name

Company Description

ASG Provides global organizations with a modern approach to Digital Transformation to succeed in the Information Economy
Guru Guru creates an active revenue empowerment network inside an organization, where knowledge flies from one employee to another in real time and generates measurable value
Kaybus Kaybus provides the industry-leading Knowledge Automation application, enabling companies to use 100 percent of the content available for their employee’s daily tasks by providing personal content recommendations, right to the desktop, without searching
KPS KPS offers Knowledge Management Software that improves customer service at the same time as delivering operational efficiencies for many organisations across different industry sectors
OnBase Hyland helps organizations across the globe manage information, simplify processes and connect systems
ProcedureFlow A cloud-based knowledge management product that provides employees a visual map to guide them through complex information
SABIO GmbH Provides a knowledge and information management solution that promotes user acceptance by simplifying complex technologies
Upland Software Provides enterprise work management cloud solutions to collaborate, manage projects and costs, automate workflows to deliver powerful results
USU Unymira Provides knowledge management solution that diversifies the way knowledge is used
Working KnowledgeCSP Delivers sustainable and purpose-fit knowledge management solutions that help clients create value from their knowledge to continuously improve their business and operational performance throughout all levels of the organization