20 Most Promising Knowledge Management Solution Providers 2016

With the changing work culture and huge inflow of data, Knowledge Management (KM) has evolved as a crucial factor for success of businesses. Organizations are now harnessing KM solutions to capture, develop, and share knowledge, build a high performing team, and enhance the overall organizational productivity. From enabling better decision-making capabilities to bringing in learning culture and innovation, KM is acting as a catalyst in enhancing business processes.

The technological advancement in this landscape— including social media and mobile technology has taken the KM experience to a different level. These technologies are rapidly emerging as intelligent agents to search, summarize, conceptualize and recognize patterns of information and knowledge enabling organizations to promote products, services and connect to a broader set of audience. For a secure knowledge management experience, organizations are now opting for private knowledge server. Knowledge Portal Interface, the key component of a private knowledge server, is designed around a knowledge asset schema as a gateway to user access, security and applications. These servers can also act as knowledge banks and enhance the file transferring protocol even if the file is a video or audio.

In the last few months, we have analyzed hundreds of Knowledge Management technology solution providers and shortlisted the companies that are at the forefront of tackling challenges in the Knowledge Management arena. A distinguished panel comprising of CEOs, CIOs and analysts including CIO Review’s editorial board has selected the final list of 20 Most Promising Knowledge Management Solution Providers 2016.

The listing provides a look into how solutions for Knowledge Management sector are put into use, so that you can gain a comprehensive understanding of solutions which are right for you and how they can help you optimize the business.

Top Knowledge Management Companies

Provider of an intuitive just-in-time sales video learning platform

Vmoso is a mobile-centric platform for empowering digital business transformation, where knowledge management unifies enterprise communication, collaboration, and engagement

A provider of advanced knowledge management and competitive intelligence solutions

A services firm that integrates Knowledge Management, Information Management, Information Technology, and Agile approaches to deliver comprehensive solutions

A boutique consulting firm enhancing organizations’ approaches to knowledge management, information management, and information security

HummingbirdShare allows professionals to share their expertise and connect with one another in a firm

e-learning services positioned to supply the best e-learning experience in the industry

Offers efficient knowledge management solutions and self-service applications to empower an organization’s employees

Provider of knowledge management solutions along with people analytics and intelligent collaboration within the work environment


Provides an e-learning platform for embedding and managing assignable, trackable, and scalable e-learning content into any platform

Dzone software

A powerful platform that gives organizations the ability to manage big content, big knowledge, and big community


Provides a cloud-based business intelligence and big data analytics platform that supports data governance, security, and data discovery


Improves workflow through enterprise-class platform that facilitates building business applications in a more efficient and easier way


Offers enterprise grade software platform for large customer service and support organizations

Knowledge Anywhere

Provides eLearning solutions that include a Learning Management System, Course builder, and Consulting Services to maximize effectiveness of training programs


Helps corporations to cost-effectively streamline their document management workflows


Gives organizations the real control over their information by simplifying day-to-day tasks and giving them the freedom to pursue true innovation


Provider of software solutions that make media searchable by automatically analyzing and recognizing the contents of images and videos

RightAnswers, Inc

Offers cloud-based knowledge management, web and mobile self-service and social knowledge solutions enabling clients to deliver SmartService


Unifies the process of discovery for organizations that transform knowledge into innovation