20 Most Promising Knowledge Management Solution Providers 2015

With the changing work culture and huge inflow of data, Knowledge Management (KM) has evolved as a crucial factor for success of businesses. Organizations are now harnessing KM solutions to capture, develop, and share knowledge. We have analyzed hundreds of Knowledge Management technology solution providers and shortlisted the 20 Most Promising Knowledge Management Solution Providers 2015.

Top Knowledge Management Companies

Provides an intuitive just-in-time sales learning platform to boost sales performance.

Provides an e-learning platform for embedding and managing assignable, trackable, and saleable e-learning content into any platform.

Brainspace is involved in re-inventing the way companies learn, discover and seek and, curate knowledge by intelligently bringing people and content together.


Is a customer experience management platform helps hundreds of the world’s leading brands understand and improve the customer journey.


Dedicated to help organizations upskill for growth by ensuring that every employee,support agent, customer, and website visitor can easily find more relevant information and people enhancing their skills for the task at hand.

Dzone software

Is a powerful platform that all of our products are built on. It gives organizations the ability to manage big content, big knowledge, and big community.

Provides a cloud-based business intelligence and big data analytics platform that supports data governance, security, and data discovery.

HYPE Innovation

Is a global leader in enterprise social software for idea and innovation management, with over 13 years of project experience and best-practice expertise, and clients around the globe.


Is a business process management company, delivering niche SaaS applications designed to help people manage their processes.

Improves workflow through enterprise-class platform that facilitates building business applications in a more efficient and easier way.

Enterprise grade software platform for large customer service and support organizations.

Provides eLearning solutions that include a Learning Management System, Course Builder, and Consulting Services to maximize effectiveness of training programs.


The trusted provider of document capture, fax and workflow solutions, today announced a technology alliance with NetDocuments, a leader in cloud-based document and email management.


To give organizations around the world real control over their information, simplifying everyday tasks and giving them the freedom to pursue true innovation.

Provider of software solutions that make media searchable by automatically analyzing and recognizing the contents of images and videos.

Provides a knowledge convergence platform which enables project stakeholders to connect teams, organize data, and disseminate information for better business decision-making.

RightAnswers, Inc.

Creating knowledge for IT support. Provides the need for a search and delivery system addressing the specific needs of customer service and support organizations – so we developed one.


To build best in class companies in sectors in which the group has strong knowledge and a networking advantage.


Unifies the process of discovery for organizations that transform knowledge into innovation.


The specialized provider of electronic content archiving software for the most demanding large enterprise environments.