10 Most Promising Knowledge Management Consulting/Services Companies - 2018

In the present day, the meteoric rise of data in businesses across all markets is leading a majority of organizations to consult with knowledge management services for the effective utilization of the amassed information. Knowledge Management (KM) is the method by which information is utilized to build something applicable. KM consultancy services help organizations, irrespective of their size, to deliver substantial business value from their knowledge. They design KM strategies and frameworks to provide business initiatives and essential toolkits. The consulting services also help to build, distribute, share, and apply the most exceptional knowledge across several organizations, mainly its clients, customers, and other key stakeholders. This establishment of KM solutions has encouraged CIOs and C-level executives to collaborate with KM consultancies. The partnership can help to integrate the latest and most innovative technologies efficiently and build an effective KM strategy.

KM consultancy services eliminate silos and promote collaboration within an organization, resulting in the creation of better work culture. These services include content repositories to manage the diverse content ubiquitous in today’s markets. They leverage communication tools to capture the knowledge generated by communication via emails, instant messaging, and telephone services. KM consulting teams work together with clients to develop the knowledge management products and solutions by defining the vital knowledge relevant to the objectives of the company. Consultancy services also structure the knowledge base for simple retrieval and growth management within the content. They function by improving and executing efficient as well as a continuous process where knowledge is recognized, captured, authenticated, stored, and distributed. KM services might be the only ray of hope for the companies as they dedicatedly help in managing knowledge with suitable IT and media infrastructure. Apart from that, they work along with collaborative tools and Web 2.0 technologies.

Practical knowledge management has become a crucial element for the survival of business organizations due to their growing reliance on knowledge work. Even though knowledge creation is a vital activity in an organization, distribution, and sharing of precise knowledge is also an essential knowledge management task. KM consulting services help to improve the productivity of knowledge workers with the help of information reuse. Effective management services of explicit knowledge need the information to be extracted, codified, and stored in the organizational database.

The tomorrow of KM depends upon the rate at which industry leaders will accommodate the ever-growing stream of data and information. With KM consultancy services, industry leaders can improve their ability to manage data and enhance the collection of knowledge. They can lend a hand to create a better work environment and optimize their business operations.

To help CIOs steer through the fragmented knowledge management industry and find the solution that best suits their needs, a distinguished selection panel of CEOs, CIOs, CTOs, industry analysts, and CIOReview’s editorial board has examined and selected the leading-edge knowledge management consulting/ services companies. We have assessed hundreds of Knowledge Management consulting/services companies and shortlisted the organizations that are spearheading the charge in resolving the prime challenges in the Knowledge Management space.

We present to you CIOReview’s “10 Most Promising Knowledge Management Consulting/Services Companies - 2018.”

Top Knowledge Management Companies

Iknow LLC is a leading management and technology consulting firm that helps businesses, governments, and nonprofit organizations harness and unlock the value of their enterprise knowledge. Iknow’s consultants are unique problem solvers who blend strategy, technology, and industry expertise with a passion for knowledge management. Their team of senior consultants includes several former heads of knowledge management from leading global enterprises. They help in quickly gaining the confidence of the clients and becoming a trusted advisor. Iknow’s multi-dimensional solution integrates strategy, content, business process, technology, and culture. They help their clients to achieve their missions efficiently and effectively

Pipeline helps busy teams keep up the momentum and get things done. It helps to create flows to enforce standardization and governance. It helps in organizing flows by group or by function and shares them with internal and external users. Pipelines ensure consistency by collecting every data upfront. The company eliminates mistakes and unnecessary back-and-forth by assign steps to internal and external users. It embeds instructions to get rid of confusion and accelerate onboarding. It enforces governance to ensure accountability by eliminating progress reports and status meetings along with automating notifications, hand-offs, and deliverables from one step owner to another

Knowledge Accelerators have been syncing people with must-know software knowledge has since 1997. During their knowledge-delivering journey, they had discovered that everyone is visual learners. They focus on the corporate B2B end of adult learning and nurturing. They began developing a "Knowledge Factory" over 20 years ago, with the belief that knowledge could be generated from manufacturing concepts: standardize, mechanize, and automate, in that order. Their platform delivers consistency, quality, and speed when cultivating knowledge that is optimized for training, assistance, and employee support systems. When it comes to assistance, their trainees help with any software-related concerns


Comintelli is a Swedish software company that sells Intelligence Software Converting Unstructured Big Data Content into Organized, Digestible Information for Decision-Making. It was founded as a spin-off from Ericsson after demanding from Ericsson customers for services developed by the founders of Comintelli. The company works to improve organizations’ ability to create value by using their unstructured information. They aim to be the world’s leading provider of software for Market & Competitive Intelligence and make their customers confident in business by enabling filtered and structured access to relevant information

Enterprise Knowledge

Enterprise Knowledge is dedicated to providing unmatched consulting services in the areas of Knowledge and Information Management, Software Development, and Project Management. With decades of experience in the industry, their Principals founded EK to fill a glaring gap in the industry. EK, they focus on practical and proven solutions. They know how to engage their end-users to ensure the systems are designed for them to address their needs truly. They work as trusted partners with their clients to find the best solution, and the most achievable ones as well

Enterprise Management Systems

Enterprise Management Systems LLC (EMS) was founded as a Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business. EMS provides products and services concentrated in four functional areas: Health Clinic Services including workflow optimization and clinic information system training; Knowledge Management including Community of Practice facilitation; Distribution Logistics systems design; and Travel - Relocation System Design and Service Provider. EMS provides enterprise knowledge management products, solutions, and services. It assists the organizations at every level to become more proficient at knowledge creation, organization, application, and transfer. It is accomplished by leveraging a wide- range of knowledge enabling services and net-enabled solutions

FireOak Strategies

FireOak Strategies is a boutique Knowledge Management, Information Management, and Information Security consulting firm. At FireOak Strategies (formerly Clobridge Consulting), they assess and evaluate organizations' knowledge management and information security maturity. They solve information governance challenges, develop and implement strategies to bolster internal knowledge sharing, and externally-focused information dissemination. The company implements new initiatives in the areas of knowledge management, information management, and information security. FireOak Strategies work with clients to solve information-related problems, support today's challenges, and prepare for the future by developing solutions that are sustainable, realistic, and appropriate

Knowledge Now

Knowledge Now transforms executives into Leaders and provide knowledge-based strategy and consulting solutions that can help the organization to get recognized globally. There is no strategy without execution, and there is no execution without leadership! KN Enterprise Knowledge Management delivers appropriate knowledge through context. Their Knowledge management systems, promote an integrated approach to identifying, capturing, evaluating, retrieving, and sharing all of an enterprise's information assets. These assets may include databases, documents, policies, procedures, and previously uncaptured expertise and experience in individual workers. Knowledge Now has so far facilitated more than 300 live webinars with renowned speakers from top academic institutes

Sedona Technologies

Sedona Technologies is a consulting company that provides Information Technology and Engineering Services. It creates innovative solutions allowing its customers to manage critical information, control costs better, and improve performance and efficiency through technology. They understand the individual needs of the clients and the management philosophy that makes each customer unique. Sedona Technologies has been helping the business community solve complex business problems through the application of technology. Sedona Technologies' mission is to build long-term partnerships by implementing established best practices, creating flexible, efficient, and cost-effective solutions while improving the client's business bottom line

Tesla Government

Tesla Government solves data overload by empowering clients to make critical decisions with confidence by identifying the right information at the right time. Their flexible workflow and platform keep data and files organized by freeing employees up to focus on today’s mission-critical issues. With Tesla’s professional KM support, clients can always find what they need whenever they need it. They use a collaborative approach to deliver the right product and information for the client’s needs—whether strategic or tactical. Tesla brings data to life with visualization, interactive maps, GIS, custom research, and reporting—so all stakeholders grasp the information and act with confidence