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Mark Hammer, CEO
With the advent of cloud and digital technologies, the line between workplace and living space is fading. And COVID-19 has arrived as a death-blow to the traditional working model that held its ground for centuries. As business leaders, along with their employees, enter this new universe, access to knowledge becomes even more critical. Innovative knowledge management company Bloomfire is in a prime position to cater to this rising demand. Bloomfire offers a personalized knowledge access platform that allows companies to flourish by having their employees focus on productivity and customer experience rather than spend time looking for key information required to complete their work.

The company’s platform provides ‘intelligent’ content, from both internal and external sources, to employees to do their jobs. So employees staring at the labyrinth of information in large enterprises can easily access information and share that with different teams and individuals. This aids in avoiding unnecessary wastage of time and resources and driving customer experience. The access platform reads an employee’s designation and role in the company, tracks the information access history, and beams relevant information to them based on this data. The content can be fed to the employees through auto-tagging, where a certain piece of content is promoted in the search engine, or as a point solution.

Employees using the platform can find content like a Google search. They can use the Amazon-like interface, too, where they can use filters to narrow their search results. If the leadership team decides to segregate content based on the employee role in the organization, they can do it in minutes. “We map the content to the right users and, finally, customize the look and feel of the platform based on clients’ needs,” says Mark Hammer, CEO, Bloomfire.

The platform centralizes the content for which there will be many stakeholders who can verify the content for its validity. In case there is misleading or stale information in the platform, anyone can initiate an action to highlight the issue through a conversation thread linked to every piece of content in the platform. So the author gets notified based on which she can update it accordingly.
“For example, customer experience agents can avail the up-to-date content while answering customers over the phone or email, quickly,” says Jordan Slabaugh, VP of Marketing, Bloomfire.

We map the content to the right users and, finally, customize the look and feel of the platform based on clients' needs

Any large organization will have a tremendous amount of data, and bringing relevant information to the Bloomfire platform can be daunting. To that end, Bloomfire provides a dedicated implementation team that helps clients identify the right content that can go into the platform. Clients can either migrate their information in large-size chunks or simply use a link to the information using Bloomfire’s API, and the whole process can take up to 90 days. They can also integrate the platform with technologies such as Zoom, MS Teams, and Salesforce, among others, for greater information access. Particularly with communication tools such as Zoom and MS Teams, clients can set up notifications for certain types of posts, such as Q&A, in a channel.

For instance, the US-based holding company Capital One Financial Corporation is using Bloomfire to drive the performance of its Insights team by integrating the platform with third-party research vendors, among others, to broaden their access to knowledge. The company’s teams are using the platform’s ability to transcribe videos to extract valuable insights from the thousands of focus group sessions that the company has had over the years with its customers. In another instance, a different client of Bloomfire is using the platform to capture the tribal knowledge of its employees to help future employees avail this specialized knowledge and start delivering from day one.

With numerous such success stories, Bloomfire has grown exponentially in recent months, even as it aims to make a positive impact on the business world in the future.

Bloomfire News

Bloomfire Launches Spark Interface to Expand Knowledge Engagement at Work

AUSTIN, Texas - Bloomfire, the leading knowledge engagement software company, announced that they are making their new Bloomfire Spark interface available to all customers. Bloomfire Spark introduces notable enhancements to the search, customization, and content viewing experience in Bloomfire’s cloud-based knowledge engagement platform.

“We developed Bloomfire Spark to help users maximize the value of their time in the platform,” says Joah Gonzalez, Director of Product at Bloomfire. “We’ve created a modern interface that looks and feels similar to consumer apps, making it simple for end users to tap into and contribute to their company’s knowledge while also making it easier for admins to manage that knowledge. By simplifying the processes of accessing and sharing content, we’re encouraging users to engage more deeply with the collective knowledge of their organizations.”

“A company’s collective intelligence is its biggest strategic advantage,” says Bloomfire CEO Mark Hammer. “Our customers use Bloomfire to ensure everyone has access to the knowledge they need to do their best work. The new Bloomfire Spark interface makes information easier to navigate and digest on any device, allowing our customers to leverage the full benefit of their company’s collective knowledge no matter where everyone is working.”

Key features of the new Bloomfire Spark interface include:

• An improved search experience, including search suggestions that allow users to select possible search phrases as they enter characters in the search bar

• Advanced branding and customization options that allow companies to align their knowledge engagement community with their organization’s brand

• Improved contribution pages that make it easier for users to digest information

• Enhanced mobile responsiveness and dynamic content viewing that optimize the amount of content shown based on the screen size


Austin, TX

Mark Hammer, CEO and Jordan Slabaugh, VP of Marketing

Bloomfire provides personalized knowledge access platform that allows employees to access key information quickly and improve their performance