SABIO: Unraveling the Enigma of Knowledge Management

Joel Eiglmeier, Business Development
A business is, in essence, a vast aggregation of knowledge and information. Hence, to remain competitive and successful, firms must find smarter ways to create and sustain a balanced intellectual capital portfolio. The continuous growth of information communication technology (ICT) and business globalization is causing organizational focus to shift from products to a knowledge-driven economy or ‘k-economy.’ While there are numerous knowledge management (KM) tools in the market, most of these solutions are complicated and do not integrate their functions and APIs with a company’s business processes effectively. SABIO, an innovative software company, attending to these precise business needs, brings to bear a hassle-free and intuitive knowledge management solution that seamlessly integrates enterprise-critical knowledge into a company’s diverse business practices.

As knowledge grows exponentially, Joel Eiglmeier, Business Development at SABIO, says, “It is crucial for companies to ensure that they have the right information available at the right time and place.” SABIO’s distinctiveness lies in the unique ease of use with which it offers all the vital knowledge management functions for small and large companies. SABIO’s customization capabilities further simplify its operation by consenting k-workers to see only relevant knowledge and use the functions that they need to.

By analyzing existing knowledge silos, breaking them, and identifying the appropriate place for information, SABIO constantly aims at enhancing the knowledge of an organization. SABIO seamlessly integrates knowledge into email response tools, CRM systems, and web self-services through an open and documented API. This especially helps service-orientated business units to keep information consistent and deflect tickets, saving time and money. Add-ons are available for tools such as Salesforce, Zendesk, Freshdesk, and more. To access the centrally stored knowledge while on the road, SABIO provides a native app, so virtually everyone can stay updated through a “Single Point of Truth.”

Founded more than a decade ago, SABIO has an excellent track record of working with more than 200 companies, in almost every industry vertical, and utilizes its experience to successfully implement a knowledge base.

SABIO’s distinctiveness lies in the unique ease of use with which it offers all the vital knowledge management functions for small and large companies

Two years back, SABIO started a project with one of Europe’s largest energy providers. The client had been using an outdated in-house KM solution that was unable to find relevant information. Once SABIO set up a new SaaS-based KM solution search time for knowledge was reduced by over 75 percent. The business units were able to work more productively, saving significant time and overhead. A survey showed that the Net Promoter Score (NPS) grew from -94 to 80.

SABIO is working on integrating various machine learning tools with its solution. “An important aspect is that knowledge has to be found, qualified, and presented within the right context to make it useful,” says Eiglmeier. “SABIO wants to make this possible with the help of openly accessible AI,” he emphasizes. Currently, SABIO is integrating IBM Watson— the first machine to beat humans at Jeopardy in 2011—with a large German bank. Employees will be able to ask questions to IBM Watson that will be answered with knowledge out of SABIO.

Being an online platform, SABIO offers an online guide to assist interested companies around the globe to set up their knowledge management. Customers can test SABIO free of charge while being guided with tutorials. The firm is also currently invested in working together with a customer to integrate their solution into the SAP C4C. Talking about SABIO’s accomplishments and future undertakings, Eiglmeier ends the conversation with: “Building integrations for knowledge management is going to be a life-long passion for SABIO.”


Hamburg, Germany

Joel Eiglmeier, Business Development and Alexander Holtappels, Founder, Maximilian Thost, MD

Provides an intuitive knowledge management solution that seamlessly assimilates enterprise-critical knowledge into the company’s diverse business practices