Upland Software [NASDAQ:UPLD]: Optimizing WCM to Meet Business Objectives

Jack McDonald, Chairman & CEO
Today, the biggest challenge faced by organizations is the lack of employee productiveness resulting in silos, confusion, and chaos. In response, there is a need to connect people through technology, automate the workflow and bring visibility to all aspects of the organization. To align the goals of organizations, Upland Software [NASDAQ:UPLD] has stepped forward to help enterprises in their work management process. Founded in 2010, Upland is a provider of cloud-based enterprise work management software for project, portfolio and work management. “Our family of applications enables users to manage their projects, professional workforce and IT investments, automate document-intensive business processes and effectively engage with their customers, prospects, and community via web and mobile technologies,” begins Jack McDonald, Chairman and CEO, Upland.

Upland offers Clickability, a Software as a Service (SaaS) Web Content Management (WCM) platform that empowers marketers to build and manage their websites and web-related content more effectively. It enables enterprise marketers and online publishers to create, manage, and publish content globally to any device, track and personalize visitor experiences, and implement web-based branding, social media, and demand generation campaigns. “Our platform allows organizations to optimize their resource utilization and workflow, efficiently manage content and information, and empowers teams to collaborate better,” says McDonald. The company’s easy-to-use cloud platform offers a comprehensive, constantly advancing capability that empowers clients to successfully execute digital strategies. Clickability helps enterprise customers reduce costs, increase revenues, build global brands, and deliver better visitor experiences. Unlike other WCM solutions, the Clickability platform provides secure cloud-based access from anywhere in the world, frequent and seamless upgrades to all customers, and a rapid pace of product innovation. “Our SaaS delivery model provides constant innovation, with automatic feature upgrades and improvements every 6-8 weeks,” extols McDonald. Upland’s range of products helps teams run their operations smoothly, adapt to change quickly, and achieve more every day.

Our platform allows organizations to optimize their resource utilization and workflow, efficiently manage content and information, and empowers teams to collaborate better

One of Uplands’ clients, BMC Software, wanted a technology platform that would allow them to shift the focus of their internal IT resources from website infrastructure issues to more strategic projects to develop innovative programs. BMC teamed with Upland to meet their technical requirements. Upland’s SaaS-based web content management solution—Clickability— delivers dynamic content, enabling BMC to deliver targeted content to site visitors. “Clickability was the only SaaS solution with the infrastructure and service levels we require. It allows us to move our web publishing into the hands of hundreds of business stakeholders and shift some of our web team resources to higher value responsibilities in the web program,” Michele Floriani, Director of Brand Management, BMC Software.

Upland’s mission is to revolutionize the way organizations work. The company continues to seek smart, talented, creative, and driven individuals to join their team. They value innovative ability, intelligence, and leadership as much as professional achievement and relevant experience. Moving forward, the company will continue to invest in the development, marketing, and support of Clickability and all existing service level agreements, without making any change in support arrangements. “With the latest release of our SaaS web content management platform, we’re making it easier for marketers and online publishers to effectively execute their digital marketing strategies,” concludes McDonald.

Upland Software

Austin, TX

Jack McDonald, Chairman & CEO

Provider of cloud-based Enterprise Work Management software to manage their projects, professional workforce and IT investments via the web and mobile technologies.