Primero Systems: Increasing Business Efficiency with Customized Marketing Platform with Advanced CMS Capabilities

Rick Diviesti, VP of Sales & Marketing
The Web Content Management landscape has changed dramatically over the past five years, with improved scalability and functionality now among the top demands by CIOs. With the amount of digital information companies need to manage today growing at an exponential rate, success in this digital age is strongly tied to managing the flow of content across a company’s network of websites. But surprisingly many companies have not set best business practices for workflow, keeping content up to date, automation of promotions, content creation or true digital asset management. This undermines their opportunity to fully maximize their content.

One company setting out to change this is San Diego-based Primero Systems. Founded in 1994, Primero has established an impeccable software development track record, designing mission-critical software to help businesses achieve their goals. The company’s flagship product, Webtreepro, is a robust, highly-flexible marketing platform that includes a powerful content management solution. Webtreepro possesses a scalable enterprise infrastructure that can support thousands of websites–giving businesses with multiple websites full autonomy over their local market, or centralized control, or a combination of both.

Distinguished by its ability to deliver relevant content based upon a nearly unlimited set of criteria, Webtreepro allows marketing professionals to automate many of their digital asset processes. Its unique feature set provides total brand control and offers configurations to fit a variety of needs with a built-in responsive design for mobile support. From capturing data and automating promotions to content editing and workflow capabilities to creating enterprise-grade roles and permissions, and extensive dashboard and reporting features, Webtreepro gives customers the tools they need to achieve success.

We believe technology should enable, not dictate the creative process

Its world-class hosting environment employs the latest monitoring, connectivity and controls to ensure a well-rounded product offering. Webtreepro can also be integrated into a CRM, e-commerce or e-mail platform. According to Rick Diviesti, Primero’s senior vice president of sales and marketing, “Our differentiation lies in our ability to focus on multiple touch points.”

Beyond the software itself, Primero offers a full suite of professional services including design, project management, implementation and training that allows Webtreepro to be fully customized and configurable. Additionally, Primero hires top-tier personnel and provides them with continuous education and training. This investment in training proves beneficial to its customers in the long run. Customer service has also played an integral role in Primero’s strong reputation–with consistently high ratings given to Primero’s support teams by its client base. Diviesti Adds, “Customers are looking for solutions, not just technology. We are in the business of helping businesses reach their full potential–and great customer service is a big part of this.”

To stay ahead of the rapidly-changing world of custom software development, Primero continues to invest significant resources in developing and applying proven methodologies and technologies both for internal use and for the benefit of its customers. Primero believes there are additional areas of opportunity to make a technological difference, including big data, the Internet of Things, robotics, and data transfer. The possibilities are endless. “Usability and adaptability are important. We believe technology should enable, not dictate the creative process,” concludes Diviesti.

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Rick Diviesti, VP of Sales & Marketing

Provider of a robust, highly-flexible marketing platform that includes a powerful content management solution.

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