dotCMS: Breaking with CMS Traditions

Will Ezell, CTO
Many years have passed since Will Ezell, CTO of dotCMS published a brochure for the company’s then brand new and truly ahead of its time, “Content Management System in a Box.” The dotCMS Appliance, aptly named, was literally the dotCMS content management software installed on a Pentium powered Linux or Windows Server and shipped to the homes or offices of the users. “The motivation behind the idea was simple and holding importance today—making it fast and easy for businesses to get the power, efficiency and effectiveness of using CMS technology to build business online,” says Ezell. CMS technology has become an integral component in driving digital business and customer experience management across organizations today and veteran open source CMS software vendor dotCMS is helping firms succeed in digital business. The company is at the forefront of finding faster and easier ways to gain business advantage by using CMS technologies as the centerpiece of digital business and marketing strategies. Now, with their introduction of dotCMS Enterprise Cloud—a fully customizable SaaS content management and digital experience platform, the company is again disrupting the traditional take on CMS offerings.

According to Ezell, the challenges with SaaS content management have been the lack of flexibility, customization and loss of control from an IT perspective. At the same time, businesses expect convenience; ease-of-use, lower maintenance and support costs associated with SaaS products. IT departments are reluctant to sacrifice their ability to rapidly scale with business demands and they are tired of being locked into confining and proprietary environments for their engineers and developers. “When it comes to purchasing SaaS products, most businesses believe they need to compromise flexibility and put up with arbitrary limitations and incremental charges whenever they want to grow their digital marketing operations,” adds Ezell. “With dotCMS Enterprise Cloud, we set out to remove the constraints with content management and Software-as-a-Service that limit growth. We were committed to delivering our same developer friendly feature set in a SaaS model.”

With dotCMS Enterprise Cloud, we set out to remove the constraints with content management and software-as-a-service that limit growth

dotCMS is dedicated to continually improve the core platform as content management, digital marketing and user engagement evolves. The company’s enterprise-level, open source Java web content management system provides large organizations a rapid development platform for both commercial-grade and multi-tenant content driven web applications. dotCMS, out of the box, meets a majority of today’s user expectations—since it is Java based and standards driven, it makes enterprise customizations and integrations simple for web development teams to implement. They also deliver unique responsive, theme-based templates that automatically adapt and optimize the content, images, and videos to fit mobile devices. Custom themes can also be developed to leverage native device capabilities such as geolocation services based on a standards based database of device attributes and wireless universal resource files. The company offers real flexibility in rapidly building modern web, Intranet, extranet and portal sites. Because content is so easy to reuse and independent offsite design, a firm can prototype, develop and deploy different sites based on new frameworks that reuse content from pre-existing sources.

The upcoming release of dotCMS version 3.5 includes new personalization capabilities with the dotCMS Rule Builder, geared to digital marketers that want to provide more personalized and targeted experiences. Marketers can create content targeting rules that tune visitor interactions for maximum conversions. “For years dotCMS has been known for breaking down traditional barriers in CMS technology and with current plans, one can expect that trend to continue for years to come through our solutions,” concludes Ezell.


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Will Ezell, CTO

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