CrownPeak: Next-Generation Cloud WCM

Jim Howard, CEO
Traditionally Web Content Management (WCM) platforms included features like categorization, version control, data repositories, and replication features. These products essentially became bottlenecks to effective and agile digital marketing experience. More recently, the business landscape emphasizes on features such as robust analytics, social media integration, content personalization, and cost-effectiveness in WCM arena. Addressing these issues, CrownPeak has pioneered the Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) delivery model for WCM systems. The company’s cloud solution delivers enhanced freedom, speed and agility that marketers or digital agencies require along with the security, scalability and compliance controls that IT needs.

CrownPeak provides an enterprise-grade SaaS solution and operates on any web server or platform, integrating seamlessly with other enterprise content management (ECM) systems. The company’s SaaS architecture makes digital marketing cost-efficient and faster by continuously providing clients with instant software updates. The SaaS based platform empowers the developers to quickly build and integrate web projects for customers, eliminating the hurdles of vendor-specific programming languages.

CrownPeak’s SaaS-based architecture further decouples the market-driven elements that drive the digital experience into their own manageable layer called the Digital Experience Layer. The Digital Experience Layer consists of features such as marketing content, personalization, localization and mobile optimization. CrownPeak enables marketers to directly control and manage the Digital Experience Layer while keeping the functionality independent from core business functions.

In addition, CrownPeak’s central organization allows regional marketers to deploy content globally for targeting larger community and enable international teams with multiple language support along with translation tools. The company creates flexible software architecture, making every aspect of creating, managing, measuring and distributing digital content globally across channels faster and easier.

CrownPeak customers will see more interoperability via a whole range of native content and data integrations

The solution offered by the company balances the needs of marketing as well as IT departments of clients. Marketers need to launch web projects quickly while IT needs to keep things stable and secure and CrownPeak helps enterprises do both without sacrificing one for the other. The company also provides various services that include—web experience management, web content optimization, search and web hosting across a wide range of industries, including finance, insurance, pharmaceutical, healthcare, technology, manufacturing, non-profit, and public sector.

With an extended clientele spanning across the world, CrownPeak has helped a number of businesses by leveraging the power of their SaaS-based platform. The company’s client—an insurance provider wanted to create and implement a new strategy that would centralize all web operations, including web content management, hosting and content optimization for all international offices. CrownPeak created extranet for the insurance agents of the client. The company, together with the existing CRM system, distributed opportunities to brokers more efficiently. Using mobile tablets and personalization capabilities, brokers can nurture leads more effectively by offering more relevant products.

Moving ahead, the company’s platform now provides data-driven personalization, testing and targeting, digital asset management, search, behavioral analytics, and more than 60 out-of-the-box integrations with best of breed data and content sources. “CrownPeak customers will see more interoperability via a whole range of native content and data integrations with other cloud service providers,” says Jim Howard, CEO CrownPeak. “Our customers will gain added agility via big push to make the platform faster and simpler to implement, giving flexibility to customers to manage web applications.”


Los Angeles, CA

Jim Howard, CEO

Provides software-as-a-service delivery model for web content management systems.

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