Acquia: Delivering a High-quality Digital Experience

Thomas Erickson, CEO
A long with effective web content management solutions, to increase business efficiency, web content managers design software to accelerate digital content development and deploy solutions through digital channels. Today, CIOs are looking out for scalable and functional solutions to manage the flow of content across a firm’s website, keep their online content up to date, automate promotions, and maximize the digital asset they possess. This is where Acquia comes in. “We enable faster innovation of content through our open source product,” states Thomas Erickson, CEO, Acquia. The digital experience company offers Drupal services—web content management—to help organizations create a personalized digital experience.

Acquia Cloud is a platform-as-a-service that helps clients to optimize high-quality Drupal websites. It is architected for resiliency in continuous delivery environments and designed to accelerate site and service deployment. Besides, it keeps every layer of Drupal stack up-to-date and optimizes them to deliver applications which are reliable and secure. The files also have a back up to protect them from any critical situation. It accelerates the build-test-deploy cycle for Drupal applications. Additionally, the platform secures websites from DDoS attacks and ensures compliance.

The company’s latest product, Drupal 8 is the new version of the digital experience platform, an architecture built on Application Program Interface (API) that enables personalized multichannel engagement on the Acquia Platform. It is a mobile solution that delivers content “as a service” to any site, device, native application or emerging channel with RESTful API. The front-end flexibility of the software allows easy compliance with multiple frameworks like Ember. js, Angular, and backbone to name a few. Designed to support global digital strategies, Drupal 8 also offers localized content for customers of different nationalities and language.

We enable faster innovation of content through our open source product

For instance, Acquia managed the web content for Lush, a UK-based company that makes natural, handmade cosmetics. Each Lush product has a unique and important narrative that starts with the product’s invention and ingredient sourcing, and ends with the customer’s own experience. Lush wanted to create a digital experience that would weave its stories throughout every page of its website and result in a hike in online sales. The Acquia platform that gave Lush the flexibility to embed commerce into site content. Acquia came up with a responsive solution that delivers seamless experience across various screens without losing Lush's storyline. To maintain and enhance the integration of content and commerce, customers get a personal dashboard, allowing them to add photographs, choose a favorite shop, and view each product ordered alongside product reviews and comments. The team also built a holiday wish list for users to save and share the items they want most. Subtle, personalized prompts follow shoppers throughout the site. Along with these content-driven commerce experiences, the acquia commerce platform provided a reliable technology backbone that also made sure the site was secure and scalable. The platform ensured that Lush’s site could handle a massive influx of traffic and transactions without compromising the integrity of the features and applications on the site.

Moving ahead, the company plans to expand geographically in various parts of Europe and Asia. Besides, the firm also intends to improvise and provide new solutions in the long run. “The biggest concern for us is to grow in the domain of web content,” concludes Erickson.


Boston, MA

Thomas Erickson, CEO

Enables organizations to leverage Drupal—a leading open source technology— to drive the customers’ digital experience.