Knosys: Streamlining Business Process with Knowledge Management Platform

Ashley Gall, CEO
Advances in technology have revolutionized the way organizations access and share information. Many enterprises now have a multi-disciplinary Knowledge Management (KM) framework, which comprehensively gathers, organizes, shares, and analyzes knowledge in terms of resources, documents, and people skills. “The challenge of selecting a KM system is to build software that fits the context of the overall plan and encourages employees to use the system and share information,” says Ashley Gall, CEO, Knosys. Today enterprises require KM systems, which can analyze the relationships between content, people, topics and activity, and produce a dashboard. “KMs can yield purposeful, concrete, and action-orientated benefits to individuals and organizations,” delineates Gall.

Addressing the need, enterprise grade KM solution provider, Knosys has developed a platform for managing knowledge across the entire organization to better capture, manage, and utilize information to improve all forms of decision making. The company works with large customer service and support organizations, especially those managing complex queries across multiple customer segments and market places. Additionally, Knosys indexes and virtualizes organizations’ data, transforming it into useable knowledge, without the need to re-ingest the data or replacing any legacy CMS/CRM/ERP systems. The Knosys KM platform is designed on Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) featuring an on-demand, modularized structure.

The system can integrate via the Knosys connection layers to enterprise platform APIs or services. The platforms’ modularity allows an effective integration of traditionally separated and disconnected knowledge sources. “Our aim is to develop a fully interoperable system that will make the exchange and reuse of knowledge easier internally as well as externally and extend into a Digital Work Centre,” extols Gall. Built on the Knosys learning engine, the workflow tools helps employees of a company to share information, identify experts, and work in a collaborative environment. Furthermore, the user interface and development framework of Knosys is delivered via web browsers, which allow the systems to be aligned with the company’s ‘3 screen strategy.’
The users can access the same knowledge, workflows and collaboration tools from the desktop, modern tablets and smart phone devices.

Over the years Knosys has helped their clients in the KM landscape to leverage knowledge as a strategic asset across the entire organization for better decision making. One of their customers, a large financial institution in Australia had insufficient information management and reference material which was affecting the staff productivity to manage their resources effectively. Their reference material was stored in various office locations in numerous systems, which made it impossible to integrate frontline information with training and quality assessment programs. Knosys assisted the client in building a dedicated KM team to manage their ongoing operation. By deploying the Knosys platform across the business, the team utilized frontline staff as subject matter experts to assist in the development of content. The platform helped the customer to capture, manage and utilize information in all forms of decision making and issue resolution. Furthermore, the analytics allowed the client to consistently improve their business processes based on the knowledge held within the running applications.

KM programs can yield impressive benefits to individuals and organizations, if they are purposeful, concrete, and action-orientated

Derived from the Greek word—‘Gnosis’, which means ‘knowledge and insight’, Knosys is attuned to anticipate that correct knowledge and information is always available to approved users — critical for compliance in regulated industries and government. “We enjoy being creative and pragmatic about better job satisfaction, better customer experience and being more efficient in delivering our services,” concludes Gall.


Melbourne, Australia

Ashley Gall, CEO

Enterprise grade software platform for large customer service and support organizations.