Allego: Intuitive Just-in-Time Sales Learning Platform to Drive Performance

Mark Magnacca, President & Co-Founder
With the business world moving faster to become more global and digitized, enterprises are often bombarded with the need for mobile-friendly products—allowing users to access knowledge from anywhere. Even though knowledge is a critical asset, it might seem scarce when needed the most. That’s where knowledge management practices come in with a new generation of technology, making it easier to collect, categorize, and share vital information. Elaborating on the market pain points, Mark Magnacca, President and Co- Founder of Allego, says, “Traditional learning management systems fall short of being able to deliver against these requirements. It’s only newer, emerging technologies that are capable of addressing the mobile-first, content agnostic, enterprise-ready challenges of today’s dynamic enterprise.” Allego, a just-in-time sales learning platform provider, trounces the hurdle with its robust go-to-market strategy—allowing access to content anywhere, anytime, and on any device.

Magnacca provides further insight with recent research, which reveals that without ongoing learning and reinforcement, 50 percent of learned content is not retained within five weeks. And within 90 days, 80 percent or more is forgotten. However, with Allego’s intuitive interface, it is easy to capture the most relevant knowledge from the field. “The platform’s ability to quickly share, absorb, and retain product or service positioning drives greater message consistency across the organization, enabling a rise in the performance graph,” explains Magnacca.

Magnacca also believes that in the digital landscape, video has emerged as a key channel for businesses to address collaboration and training challenges. He further points out that an average U.S. adult spends five hours and 31 minutes every day watching videos. “Emerging just-intime learning platforms allow companies to leverage mobility and video in tandem to effectively capture and distribute relevant sales knowledge that benefits the entire sales force,” adds Magnacca. Allego makes it easy to create and consume video to make just-in-time, continuous learning a vital part of the work experience. He also states that post the adoption of Allego, clients—on an average—see a 40 percent reduction in onboarding costs, 20 percent acceleration in ramping new hires, and a 30 percent increase in accelerating promotability of reps.
“For any sales department, the biggest threat is assuming traditional training methods and knowledge collaboration are driving optimal performance across the team. Developed as a mobile-first platform with the modern day salesperson in mind, Allego isn’t just a tool to enable training four times a year on new product releases, but a technology enabler that transforms the business methodology. We allow companies to intersect the right content at the point where employees are actually interested in learning, amplifying absorption and retention,” states Magnacca.

Allego makes it easy to create and consume video to make justin- time continuous learning a vital part of the work experience

Allego’s recent stint with a large financial services enterprise perfectly reflects their technical expertise. The client was looking forward to hosting a three-day training program with two days spent on delivering presentations and one day on sales pitches, which was time-consuming.

Using the Allego app, each sales pitch was circulated and reviewed among the team in advance and only the winning presentation was presented at the meeting. “The net result was a demonstration of what the best looks like, a highly valuable asset for sales, and consistent messaging across the sales team,” recalls Magnacca.

With over 15,000 global users, Allego strides ahead to add new functionality to the platform. So far, the organization has six patents pending on video compression and caching—providing a seamless, fast, and stellar customer experience. “With strong customer success orientation, we have established a set of best practices that ensure successful deployment of technology to reap the greatest return on investment,” concludes Magnacca.


Needham, MA

Mark Magnacca, President & Co-Founder

Provides an intuitive just-in-time sales learning platform to boost sales performance.